When I was conductor with the "Soloists of Europe", the musicologists did not make the music, they listened to the musicians.

Similarly, philosophy teachers did not do "philosophy", they humbly tried to explain it.

Similarly, journalists were not political actors or activists, they tried to comment on political life and inform. The politician was to politics what the musicologist was to music. Both were observers.

In music, there has always been a conductor who ensures that the score sounds right. He must be a "true leader" to have the absolute ear, understand the score, understand the composer, understand the creator and know how to talk to musicians. Above the conductor, only the creator knows.


In politics, the actors have lost the sense of beauty, good and truth. They did not learn to listen. The political speech sounds wrong. The chords are wrong. No harmony. No melody that can fill the heart of feelings and hopes because the score is empty of beautiful notes, beautiful sounds. The spectacle of the elected is no longer a stultifying cacophony that only some morons continue to applaud ...

The time has come to change the score, to choose the right one and to give the orchestra a good tuning fork so that it can finally play fair and respect the wishes of the composer.

Jean Yves